Scammer of a ‘Bride’ in Kanpur is caught after a complaint

A lady who used the names Shivangi Sisodia, Pinki Gautam, Dolly Chawla, and Savita Shastri among others was caught in Kanpur after a sly campaign of tricking unsuspecting males into thinking she was a bride. Jitendra Gautam, a policeman who was her most recent victim, took action against her, which resulted in her detention.

In 2016, the Jhansi-born policeman working at the Fazalganj police station came across Shivangi Sisodia on a social networking website. They made the decision to be married, and even before the wedding, she was able to convince the policeman to give her Rs. 6.21 lakhs, purportedly to buy an SUV. The policeman hasn’t gotten the vehicle or his money back to this day, however.

When the policeman asked about the Scorpio SUV, the lady repeatedly claimed that it was still on the waiting list and promised that it will be delivered soon, according to Inspector Nazirabad Kaushlendra Pratap Singh.

Even the woman’s alleged family were shown to be fictitious, having only joined her on a temporary basis.

Suspicion leveled against the Kanpur bride

In response to the constable’s allegation, the police opened an inquiry. According to many provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including those dealing with extortion, fraud, breach of trust, and getting married a second time when already married, they filed accusations against Shivangi. Shivangi is temporarily staying in the Ekta Apartment in Ranjit Nagar, Kanpur, while her primary residence is on the Kanpur-Jhansi road close to the Khushipura court.

Shivangi’s activities and any potential participation of others in this sophisticated fraud are the subject of a rigorous police investigation. Her method of operation seems to have been adopting many identities, seducing unsuspecting men into marrying her, and then escaping with their money, jewels, and other assets.

The elusive “bride” was finally apprehended thanks to Jitendra Gautam’s diligence and resolve to denounce the fraudulent acts. The entire scope of this misleading campaign is still being uncovered by the investigators.