Second rehearsal of the polling parties is held at Chaudhary Devi Lal University

During the second rehearsal, which was held at Chaudhary Devi Lal University’s Multipurpose Hall, polling parties and other teams appointed in each of the district’s Assembly constituencies were briefed about the nuances of the election process in order to facilitate the voting process for the Lok Sabha General Elections 2024 (CDLU).

Throughout the training, all polling parties received comprehensive knowledge regarding their individual roles and responsibilities from EVM master trainers. Additionally, the polling parties received on-site instruction in the use of the EVM and VVPAT equipment in addition to a briefing.

According to Returning Officer RK Singh, even a little error made by the polling parties will be seen as a failure of the whole setup.

He said that all guidelines and directives are documented in the PO manual and that familiarity with them is vital for the officers presiding over the polls. He emphasized that men and women should wait in separate lines at voting places and that each male voter should be followed by two ladies who would cast their ballots.

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