Shiv Sena hails Arvind Kejriwal, says Delhi CM singlehandedly taking over BJP’s Hindu-Muslim politics

Shiv Sena hails Arvind Kejriwal, says Delhi CM singlehandedly taking over BJP’s Hindu-Muslim politics

With just each day left for assembly election in Delhi, the Shiv Sena has praised Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the work done by the AAP government while it slammed the BJP for its communal polarisation-based politics to garner votes.

"Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have put up all their efforts in Delhi after they lost Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Nothing wrong if they need to win Delhi, but despite a military of 200 MPs, BJP CMs and therefore the entire Modi cabinet, it seems that Kejriwal is weighing heavy on all others," an article in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana said on Friday.

"Kejriwal is seeking votes on the idea of labor wiped out five years. this is often a replacement experiment within the country's politics. this could be welcomed beyond party lines. Voters of Delhi are intelligent," said the editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana, and added that the BJP was trying to blossom lotuses during a dried pond.

Acknowledging Kejriwal's efforts in Delhi, the Shiv Sena hit out at the Centre for "creating obstacles" for the AAP government. "Even after having limited power and despite regular obstacles created by the Centre, his [Kejriwal] add the sector of education, health and public facilities is right ," the Sena, a former ally of the BJP, said.

It said the Modi government should have used the Kejriwal model in other states. "...rather than doing this, the way campaign is being run, it's only to prove that Kejriwal a liar. If a state is doing well, appreciating it's the duty of the leader, but the large-heartedness is not any more left in Delhi," the Sena said in Saamana.

"So extreme is BJP's hate for Kejriwal that they do not even like him getting to a Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa," the Sena took a dig at the BJP in Saamana.

Taking on the BJP over its leaders pertaining to Kejriwal as a terrorist, the Saamana asked why hasn't the Centre taken action against the Delhi CM. "If he's [a terrorist], then what's the Centre waiting for? they ought to act! Does the BJP want to suggest that 70% of Delhi voters voted for a terrorist in 2014?" the Sena asked.

"PM has appealed to punish those that invite proof of surgical strikes through votes. So if voters don't heed thereto , will BJP declare them as anti-nationals and dismiss the government?" the editorial said.