Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab's polygraphy test will be done today, custody is ending tomorrow

Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab's polygraphy test will be done today, custody is ending tomorrow
In the Shraddha murder case, the Delhi Police is now getting closer to solving the whole mystery. Today there will be a polygraphy test of Aftab, who has confessed to the crime of killing Shraddha. Aftab's polygraphy test will be done in Rohini's Forensic Science Lab. Delhi Police wanted to conduct this test on Wednesday itself, but due to Aftab's ill health, this test had to be postponed for a day. According to police sources, if the test was conducted amidst ill health, it could have affected the report of the polygraph test.
Test necessary before custody ends
Please tell us that the custody of the accused Aftab is ending tomorrow, so it is very important to have a polygraph test today. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has formed a team of high-powered officers who are working as consultants in the entire investigation. Politics has also started on this matter. After the old letter of Shraddha Walker surfaced, the Deputy CM of Maharashtra raised questions on the then Uddhav government and asked why action was not taken on Shraddha's complaint. In the midst of this politics, today there will be a scientific attempt to get Aftab to reveal the truth.
Shraddha's letter came in front
Meanwhile, a letter written by Shraddha on 23 November 2020 has come to the fore. In it, Shraddha wrote, "I am Shraddha Vikas Walker, age 25 years… I give a complaint against Aftab Poonawala, age 26 years that he misbehaves with me and beats me. Today he tried to kill me by strangulation.".He threatened me and blackmailed me that he will kill me and cut me into pieces and throw it somewhere far away. He beat me for the last 6 months but I didn't have the guts to go to the police because he threatened me that He will kill me. His parents know that he kills me and he tried to kill me. I was living with him till now because we were about to get married according to his family's wishes. But now I can't live with him. So he will be responsible for any physical harm that happens to me."

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