Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar are eager to secure seats in Bangalore

For a second day, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah carried on with his campaign in Bengaluru, while Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar is concentrating more on the Lok Sabha seats in Bengaluru.

Currently, BJP MPs represent all three of Bengaluru Urban’s LS seats. Siddaramaiah persisted in his support of Congress candidate Sowmya Reddy for Bengaluru South Lok Sabha, claiming that the latter was subjected to unjust treatment during the vote-counting process in the previous year’s Assembly elections and narrowly lost the polls. “The court will deliver justice to us,” he said.

He implored them to bring her case before their court. BJP candidate Tejaswi Surya, the incumbent MP, was also criticized by him, with the comment, “On what basis will he seek votes when he failed to raise his voice for the state in Parliament?”

The chief minister later that day went door-to-door in support of Mansoor Ali Khan, the Congress nominee for the Bengaluru Central Lok Sabha seat. The chief minister criticized the incumbent member of parliament, PC Mohan, saying that despite winning many times from the seat, he has never brought up any Bengaluru-related issues in Parliament. He said, “He did not bother to question the injustice done to the state by the Center.”

Shivakumar is visiting voters while promoting the party’s Bengaluru Lok Sabha candidates. He had encountered city apartment people just a few days before. He participated in a road show on Monday in Gandhinagar, Rajajinagar, and CV Raman Nagar, asking people to vote for Mansoor.

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