Singhu border service lane barriers are removed by Delhi Police

The Delhi police began restoring service lanes at the Singhu border on NH-44 on Saturday, providing respite to hundreds of commuters. The lanes had been closed for the previous 12 days owing to an ongoing farmers’ protest.

The Delhi police removed barbed fencing, concrete barriers, cement barricades, and barricades from the service lane under the flyover on the Panipat-Delhi expressway in the first phase.

The continuing conflicts between farmers and security personnel at the borders of Shambhu and Khanauri prompted the Delhi police to erect ten to twelve levels of barricading to prevent entrance via the Singhu border.

On both sides of the service lanes, the boundary had been closed at the flyover. To block the demonstrators, the Delhi police built cement barriers, filled large containers with earth and sand, and placed concrete boulders and iron and cement obstacles along the boundary.

Sources claim that the Delhi police have only chosen to open one service lane so far. On February 29, the situation will be assessed and decisions on the opening of additional lanes will be made.

With the aid of JCBs and earth movers, police officials started dismantling barriers after receiving requests from labor organizations, business associations, local legislators, industrialists, and others, as well as expectations that the issue would be resolved.

Link highways to Delhi were also opened by the Delhi police for commuters. Individuals were traveling to Delhi via the Safiabad-Narela, Jati, and Dahisara routes, where they encountered lengthy lineups. According to Subhash Gupta, head of the Kundli Industrialists’ Association, the Delhi police began launching service lanes today. Manoj Kumar, the DC for Sonepat, said that the police had begun to open service lanes in the evening.

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