Situation in violence-ravaged Haldwani is normal; more paramilitary soldiers have been sent in, according to authorities

On Monday, the situation in the Banbhoolpura neighborhood, which was the epicenter of the mob violence last week, was normal as more paramilitary personnel had been sent in to uphold law and order, according to authorities.

According to Nainital District Magistrate Vandana Singh, 120 weapons licenses have been revoked in Banbhoolpura, and the police are attempting to find those involved in the riots on February 8 that resulted in attacks on police officers and municipal corporation employees as well as the burning of a police station. “Every effort is being made to maintain peace in Haldwani,” Singh said.

According to her, everything in Haldwani, including Banbhoolpura, is now “normal and under control.”

The violence that broke out last week when police dismantled a “illegally built” madrasa resulted in the deaths of six individuals, including five who were allegedly rioters, and the injuries of sixty more.

Thirty persons have been taken into custody by the police thus far on suspicion of instigating violence during the destruction of the “illegal” madrasa and a building used for namaz.

Officers from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) maintain watch on a road under a curfew in the Banbhoolpura region on Monday, February 12, 2024, in response to violent episodes after the destruction of a madrasa that was “illegally built.”
A Muslim organization claims there is religious prejudice when a delegation from Jamiat visits Haldwani.
According to Nainital Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Prahlad Meena, more central paramilitary units have been stationed at strategic locations in Banbhoolpura. More than a thousand security guards had previously been stationed there.

With the exception of the Banbhoolpura neighborhood, the remainder of Haldwani has been free of the curfew. The government has now begun to streamline the necessary services, according to the authorities.

“In Haldwani, vital services like trains and buses have begun operating. Markets and schools are now open. Only Banbhoolpura is subject to the limitations, the DM said.

The people of the region affected by the curfew are receiving critical supplies, according to SSP Meena, and other amenities will be made available to them shortly.

According to Meena, the medical shops and Banbhoolpura Primary Health Centre have reopened, and the locals are already receiving gas cylinders.

Gas cylinders are also being given, according to A P Vajpayee, general manager of Kumaon Mandal Development Corporation, in other curfew-affected localities, such as Kidwai Nagar, Indira Nagar, and Nai Basti. In addition, he claimed, traders selling milk, vegetables, and other necessities are permitted to enter the Banbhoolpura region.

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