Sonepat: The wine industry’s prospects were addressed

Senior Australian delegates paid a visit to the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) in Kundli, including members of the wine industry, scientists, and researchers.

The Australian delegation, which included Dr. Neetu Taneja, Professor Komal Chauhan, Professor Bhim Pratap Singh, Director Harinder Singh Oberoi, and Sweta Prabhakar, Senior Research Officer, Australian High Commission, visited the NIFTEM-K campus. Lee Mclane, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Grapes and Wines, and Damian Griffante, Director, also made the visit.

The officials spoke about a range of topics, including how much wine is produced and processed, how much research and development is done, future possibilities particular to India, how to promote Indian wine producers and businesses, and opportunities and problems that exist in the fields of production, processing, and laws right now.

It was also explored how to support entrepreneurs that work with lesser-known and geographically restricted traditional wines from Indian areas (the Himachali, North East, and Maharashtra regions), as well as innovations in new fruit and traditional grape wines.

In addition, the creation of engineering characteristics, packing, export, and essential equipment in accordance with business needs—including strains, testing, and metabolite analysis—was also covered in the meeting.

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