Students leave private schools while the Indora government school undergoes renovations

In the last two years, the Government Senior Secondary School (GSSS), Basantpur, located in the mand region of the Indora Assembly seat in the Kangra district, has seen a fresh wave of facility modernization and infrastructural development. The school management committee’s (SMC) and the administration’s combined efforts are responsible for the transformation.

Parents who had enrolled their children in private schools are switching to the government school for this academic session as a consequence of the redesign.

This academic year, seventy pupils from private schools have transferred to Basantpur School, and the majority of them are enrolling in primary courses.

According to inquiries made by The Tribune, the school management upgraded the academic infrastructure of the institution and furnished it with state-of-the-art facilities in 2022 after being designated as an “Excellent School” by the Education Department and receiving funding totaling Rs 44 lakh. Ratneshwar Salaria, the school’s principal, joined the institution in May 2022. He told The Tribune that he and SMC president Vinod Kumar approached parents whose children were enrolled in private schools, encouraging them to enroll their children in the GSSS this academic year after updating the school’s infrastructure.

“After speaking with them, we discovered that parents favored private schools because they offered transportation in the event that the Mand region lacked enough transportation options. We hired a private driver to deliver pupils to our school. The parent’s charges were resolved by the transporter, according to Salaria.

The school reportedly had five virtual Wi-Fi classrooms, two updated ICT (information and communication technology) laboratories, a robotic laboratory, a mathematics park, an herb garden, an outdoor gym, a water cooler, and an indoor table tennis court after being named an “Excellent School.” For the sake of the students, the school administration is attempting to attract guest speakers.

The school’s infrastructure now includes a sports room, new restrooms, and 36 CCTV cameras.

The school administration has suggested building a 16-kanal playground at an estimated cost of Rs 15 lakh.

According to sources, the SMC and the school administration have established a standard for delivering high-quality instruction by modeling an unwavering commitment to the complete development of their pupils.

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