Sudhir: Chandigarh’s proposed ADB meeting violates the electoral code

In a press release released here today, Sudhir Sharma, the BJP candidate for the Dharamsala Assembly seat, said that the projected Asian Development Bank (ADB) conference on April 9 at the Hyatt hotel in Chandigarh will be against the model code of conduct.

He said that the government was having the investment conference at the Hyatt hotel in Chandigarh even though the model code of conduct was already in effect. He said that the government’s motivation for calling the conference was dubious and that central agencies had to be made aware of it.

Congress dissident Sudhir said that, via the investors’ meeting, the government was attempting to sell people government land. He went on to say that the administration has to explain to the public why land for tourist projects is being provided to private investors while initiatives financed by the Union administration were being canceled by the Chief Minister.

In the meantime, Sudhir’s accusations have been dismissed as unfounded by RS Bali, chairman of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC). He added that the ADB, which was providing a loan of more than Rs 2,000 crore for tourist projects in the state, had mandated the holding of the conference in Chandigarh. The purpose of the gathering was to talk about the projects.

“The ADB projects implemented in the state during the previous government’s tenure are lying defunct,” said Bali. The current Congress administration is determined not to make the same errors again. Thus, thorough deliberations are conducted prior to project implementation.

Not a single politician was present at the meeting, he said. Such remarks were made by Sudhir, who is being criticized for leaving the Congress, for political purposes.

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