“Sultanpuri hosts a grand roadshow amidst the serene landscapes of Shimla.”

Vinod Sultanpuri, the chosen representative of the Congress for the Shimla parliamentary constituency, ceremoniously submitted his nomination papers amidst great fervor in Shimla today. Subsequently, the Congress orchestrated a grand rally in the city, fervently seeking votes and endorsement for Sultanpuri. The assembly was graced and spoken to by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, State Congress President Pratibha Singh, and various ministers and MLAs from the Shimla parliamentary constituency.

In a plea to the gathering to rally behind Sultanpuri, Sukhu delineated this electoral contest as a crusade to safeguard democracy in the nation, urging the populace to cast their votes in favor of the party and candidates committed to upholding the sanctity of the Constitution. “The BJP corrupts the legislators chosen by you, thus making a mockery of democracy. It is imperative to admonish the saffron party for its endeavors to dismantle democracy in our land,” proclaimed the Chief Minister. “Your ballot is your might, your vote holds the elected officials accountable. Exhibit your power by propelling the INDIA alliance to supremacy,” he urged.

Citing that the BJP neglected the state in the aftermath of the rain calamity and endeavored to destabilize the democratically elected administration through monetary means, Sukhu accused Suresh Kashyap, the incumbent MP and BJP candidate, of ineffectuality. “He has been remiss in advocating for the state’s interests in Parliament. Why would you wish for such a representative?” questioned Sukhu.

During her discourse, Pratibha Singh launched a scathing critique against the BJP, branding it as a menace to democracy in the nation. “The Prime Minister operates autocratically. It is imperative to dislodge this regime to safeguard democracy,” she asserted. She further indicted Prime Minister Narendra Modi of neglecting the state in the wake of the disaster. “I had a meeting with the Prime Minister to apprise him of the devastation wrought by the disaster and to solicit financial aid. However, the Prime Minister did not extend any financial assistance to the state,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, Sultanpuri directed his censure towards Kashyap, asserting that the latter failed to fulfill the expectations vested in him as the MP of the Shimla Parliamentary constituency. “Throughout his tenure, he posed merely two questions in Parliament. He remained silent on crucial matters such as natural disasters, import duties on apples, and various other concerns. Rest assured, I shall vehemently and fearlessly advocate for the interests of the constituency and the state in Parliament,” pledged Sultanpuri.

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