Tamil Nadu UPSC champions give parents credit for their encouragement and support

T Bhuvaneshram, a Tiruvallur native, scored 41 out of all of India in the UPSC civil services test in 2023. He is the state’s highest ranker, according to sources. Even though this is his sixth try, he was able to complete his lengthy trip by trusting in the process, keeping his emotional equilibrium, and having a well-rounded personality.

After completing his undergraduate degrees, Bhuvaneshram began preparing for the civil services at a Bengaluru-based college. He is now employed as an assistant manager at NABARD in Thiruvananthapuram. As part of my upbringing, my parents instilled in me a love for public service. My father inspires me to serve others as well; he works at Tangedco as an assistant executive engineer. The public service is the greatest choice if you want to assist people and be compensated for it, according to Bhuvaneshram.​

His parents helped him for five years while he was training, and last year he started working at NABARD as an assistant manager. “My parents were kind enough to help me out for this whole time. But I had to take up the task because I couldn’t keep relying on them,” he said. In 2022, he also completed an internship at the Tiruvallur collector’s office, which enabled him to get firsthand knowledge in a several industries, including fishing.

Speaking about the difficulties he had in getting ready during the previous six years, Bhuvaneshram said that he was able to live a compartmentalized life and had faith in the process. Cricket player Mahesh Dhoni thinks it’s critical to have faith in the process. I don’t think studying for a certain amount of hours is required. But one must be well-versed in the curriculum. It’s critical to possess emotional clarity, equilibrium, and self-love. A well-rounded personality is equally crucial, in my opinion. In addition to studying, I pursued hobbies like writing movie reviews and running half-marathons,” he stated.

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