TDP names 94 assembly segments, while JSP receives only 24

The announcement by Jana Sena Party head Pawan Kalyan that the party will only be running for 24 Assembly and three Lok Sabha seats disappointed the party’s leaders and cadre.

This publication has already claimed that in the next polls, the TDP will give up around 30 Assembly and 10 Lok Sabha seats to the BJP and JSP.

TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan unveiled the first list of 99 candidates at a joint press briefing on Saturday. For five constituencies, JSP declared candidates, while the yellow party offered names for 94 Assembly seats. The politician-actor hasn’t yet announced his place of contestation, however.

Speaking to reporters at Naidu’s Undavalli home, the leader of the JSP reaffirmed that the goal of creating an alliance was to guarantee that the anti-YSRC vote remained united.

Pawan gave the following explanation for competing from fewer seats: “Instead of experimenting, the JSP decided to act constructively and contest less seats in order to ensure a 98% strike rate.” In actuality, we are effectively competing around 40 seats as we are running for three Lok Sabha seats in addition to 24 Assembly seats. In light of the potential for the BJP to join the coalition, we have chosen to run for fewer seats.

He said that the party might have bargained for extra seats if they had won at least ten divisions in 2019. Twenty-three are fresh faces among the 94 candidates the TDP has revealed.

First alliance candidates’ list is released by Pawan and Naidu.
Noting that the list includes 50 graduates, three physicians, two Ph.D. holders, an ex-IAS officer, and 28 applicants with post-graduate degrees, TDP head Chandrababu Naidu said, “On the other hand, the YSRC list has red sanders smugglers and rowdies.”

For the first time in Indian politics, Naidu said, the candidates were selected after taking into account the opinions of almost 1.3 crore people.

He said that the TDP-JSP hopes to decentralize power via the effort and prioritize the views and ambitions of the State’s citizens on their political agenda. He said, “The TDP-JSP alliance is ready for the battle of ballots,” setting off the poll bugle. ~

The TDP chief also said that negotiations to build a three-party coalition with the BJP are still in progress. He clarified that a decision on the distribution of the remaining 57 seats will be made when the talks with the saffron party are over.

In a same vein, he said that news on the distribution of 22 of the 25 Lok Sabha seats will be released shortly.

The TDP cadre responded differently to the initial list of contenders. Those who felt left out vented their anger, while the ones who got the ticket were overjoyed. A few even chose to leave the gathering. A few leaders, however, made the decision to hold off and see if they might get one of the 57 seats that were still up for grabs.

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