Telangana chief promises to waive a Rs 2 lakh crop debt by August 15

Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy announced on Monday that his government will implement the crop loan waiver of up to Rs 2 lakh by August 15, a move that is expected to benefit 69 lakh farmers. He also promised to provide Rs 500 bonus for each quintal of paddy from the next crop (Kharif) season, dismissing the opposition leaders’ accusations that the Congress was abandoning its pre-poll promises.

He delivered a harsh speech to the Jana Jatara Sabha at Narayanpet, which is located under the old Mahbubnagar district. He accused K Chandrasekhar Rao, the president of the BRS and the former chief minister, of betraying Telangana’s confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In order to boost the BJP in five Lok Sabha segments—Mahbubnagar, Chevella, Malkajgiri, Bhuvanagiri, and Zaheerabad—Revanth claimed that KCR had obtained “supari” from the PM.

The leader of the TPCC said that the BRS supremo had given his party officials orders to give the saffron party the advantage in those five seats.

“KCR was unable to comprehend my feelings of being imprisoned at my daughter’s wedding. But as soon as MLC K Kavitha was put in prison, KCR pledged Telangana’s dignity in order to secure his daughter’s freedom. BRS leaders need to reflect more, Revanth said.

The chief minister made an announcement about his future plans, saying that if the Congress wins at least 14 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana in the next elections, a member of the Mudiraj group will be included in his Cabinet. Give me 14 Lok Sabha seats, and I’ll include Makthal MLA Srihari and Mudiraj leader in my cabinet, he said.

CM: Why is KCR not trying to overthrow the Modi government?

Additionally, Revanth said that the state’s local body elections will take place right after the Lok Sabha elections. The president of the TPCC said that BRS leaders were not looking for votes ahead of the polls and questioned why KCR had promised to overthrow his administration—which has only been in office for a hundred days—rather than the Union government headed by Modi, who has been in office for ten years.

Revanth refuted the Congress’s claim to uphold social justice, pointing out that the party had granted tickets to marginalized communities including the Shadnagar washermen’s community, Mudiraj in Makthal, and Kuruma in Gadwal. He added that top politicians waited to guarantee social justice, yet a leader of the BC, Anil Kumar Yadav, was appointed to the Rajya Sabha. In addition, he voiced worries over the Mudiraj community’s move from the BC-D to the BC-A categorization.

Revanth’s claims.

 Farmers get a Rs 2 lakh loan waiver

 A bonus of Rs. 500 from the next harvest season (Kharif)

 KCR used the PM’s supari to support the BJP in five segments.

If the party secures a minimum of 14 seats, Srihari Mudiraj will have a cabinet position.

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