Ten people from the Lawrence Bishnoi-Goldy Brar syndicate were apprehended in different states: Delhi Police

May 9, New Delhi Nine gang members were detained and a juvenile was taken into custody on Wednesday as part of a nationwide raid by Delhi Police’s Special Cell against the criminal module that was allegedly responsible for the disappearance of suspected terrorist Satinderjeet Singh, also known as Goldy Brar, and Lawrence Bishnoi.

Contract killing and other horrible crimes in Delhi and other regions have been stopped thanks to the arrests of the individuals involved in the operation, which covered seven states: Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.

According to the official, some of the detained individuals were previously engaged in illegal actions at Brar and Bishnoi’s direction. These individuals were linked via social media sites like as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other encrypted chat platforms.

One each from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Bihar, and two each from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab were captured. Jaspreet Singh, also known as Rahul, Dharmendra, also known as Kartik, Manjeet, Gurpal Singh, Manjeet Singh Guri, Abhay Soni, Sachin Kumar, Santosh, also known as Sultan Baba, and Santosh Kumar are the accused.

According to police, they have credible information that an interstate module led by infamous criminals Bishnoi, who is now in prison, and Brar, who is stationed overseas, is actively involved in extortion, murder, and other horrible crimes in Delhi, the National Capital Region, and neighboring states.

“While monitoring the activities of this syndicate, some incriminatory conversation amongst the members of this syndicate sitting in different states came to notice through technical surveillance wherein they were conspiring to carry out some killing/heinous crime, which was further corroborated by source input.” Prateeksha Godara, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell

It was also discovered that these criminals had obtained firearms.

In accordance with the relevant IPC rules, a case was filed at Special Cell on April 24 in order to thwart the members’ evil schemes. The DCP said that many teams were formed and sent out right away to various regions across every state where these individuals might be found.

Additionally, seven handguns with 31 live rounds were found in their possession.

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