The 2018 deadly crash’s Indian driver will be deported from Canada

The deportation of an Indian truck driver, who in 2018 caused a catastrophic bus disaster in Canada that resulted in the deaths of sixteen junior hockey team players and the injuries of thirteen others, was ordered on Friday.

At a remote crossroads close to Tisdale in Saskatchewan Province, truck driver Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, from Calgary, ran a stop sign and slammed into the route of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team’s bus.

In the tragedy on April 6, 2018, thirteen people were injured and sixteen people aboard the bus died. At Sidhu’s Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in Calgary on Friday, the decision was made.

According to Sidhu’s attorney, Michael Greene, the result was inevitable since all that was needed to deport Sidhu was evidence that he was not a citizen of Canada and that he had committed a severe offense. Sidhu, who is Indian, is a permanent resident of Canada.

After receiving an eight-year term in the case, he was given parole.

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