The BJP forbids MLAs from using social media in the middle of disagreements

The Gujarat Lok Sabha elections have left the BJP reeling from accusations that some leaders of the party had worked against the candidates of their own party. Through letters, a number of BJP MLAs have publicly challenged the policies of the government.

Sources claim that the party has now sent a directive to its leaders, telling them that although they are free to compose letters on public service, they must not post these messages on social media and risk becoming viral.

Three distinct BJP MLAs and one city president have expressed reservations about the method used by their own administration in the last fifteen days. Significant political debate has resulted from this, with many people wondering why BJP officials are bringing up problems with their government.

Varachha, Surat, MLA Kumar Kanani said that officials in the collector’s office were requesting payments in order to speed up the processing of caste certificates. Sanjay Kordia, a Junagadh MLA, addressed a letter to the Chief Minister protesting that he was being ignored by government authorities while he was trying to beautify a nearby lake.

Sanjay Singh Mahida, a Mahudha MLA, further charged the Taluka Development Officer with misconduct, claiming that he bought subpar water coolers and other supplies for elementary schools. In addition, the chief executive and municipal authorities in Gariadhar town, in the Bhavnagar district, were allegedly only paying attention to the Aam Aadmi Party MLA, according to a letter sent by the BJP president of the town.

Sources assert that letters from BJP MLAs and leaders criticizing incompetence in the government apparatus and dishonest personnel are damaging the reputation of the current BJP administration. BJP MLAs have been advised to exercise caution as a result, making sure that even while they are able to submit letters, they would take care to prevent them from becoming popular on social media.

There was a lot of internal strife inside the BJP during this Lok Sabha election, according to sources. As a consequence, a few BJP officials choose to either operate independently of the party or stay quiet in certain areas. Several leaders in seats like Sabarkantha, Vadodara, Banaskantha, Amreli, Patan, Amreli, Anand, and Vadodara are said to have been idle, while others were involved in anti-party actions.

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