The ‘CAA’ remark on Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh’s automobile number plates becomes viral

CAA law: When will we be told about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)? On social media, there are rumors circulating that the Modi government’s next major initiative will be the introduction of the CAA.

The automobile plate ‘DL1CAA4421’ belonging to Union Home Minister Amit Shah has fuelled suspicions. What’s important to note about the number is ‘CAA’.

This was the number on the Home Minister’s automobile as he came for the BJP’s electoral body meeting on Thursday at the party headquarters in New Delhi.

Apart from Amit Shah, the vehicle belonging to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was also seen with the letters ‘CAA’ displayed on its license plate.

People are wondering whether the government intends to send out a signal that the legislation will soon be implemented, given that the license plate says “CAA.”

According to Amit Shah, CAA would be implemented before the Lok Sabha elections.
Prior to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in a few weeks, the government intends to put the Citizenship Amendment Act into effect, according to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement a few days ago.

Shah said that the 2019 legislation would be put into effect before the Lok Sabha elections after the relevant regulations have been released.

“They are misleading and inciting (against the CAA) our Muslim brothers.” Citizenship by implication (CAA) is solely intended for immigrants to India who fled persecution in Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. Amit Shah said, “It is not for stealing anyone’s Indian citizenship.

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