The cVIGIL app becomes a weapon against anomalies in polls

Srikakulam: During the current general elections, the smartphone app cVIGIL has been used as a weapon to report anomalies related to the polls. Using this app, one may file a complaint against the distribution of cash, alcohol, presents, and other items intended to entice votes. If someone wants to file a complaint, they must take a screenshot of the anomalies on their phone and upload it using the app. Following registration, any complaint must be resolved within 100 minutes, according to Election Commission norms.

Since March 16, 624 complaints have been filed in the Srikakulam district using the cVIGIL app. Of all the complaints, 437 are valid, while the other complaints are deemed to be fraudulent by the relevant authorities. Of the 624 complaints received, the greatest number—269—was filed in the Palasa Assembly seat. However, 107 of those complaints were later determined by authorities to be fraudulent, and the other 269 were resolved.

In addition to the app, one may lodge complaints about elections by calling 1950, the 18004256625 toll-free number, and the 08942240589 and 0894229084 land line lines for the Srikakulam district.

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