The Dignity of Legislatures Will Rise When People’s Representatives Have Meaningful Conversations: Birla

According to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, real conversations and exchanges about significant topics are the only way for legislatures to gain more respect and status.

Speaking during the closing session of the India Region Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Birla said that it is the duty of people’s representatives to reflect the ambitions and desires of their constituents and to address such issues with the government.

The Lok Sabha Speaker remarked, “They should utilize legislatures as fora for the fulfillment of dreams and ambitions of the people, instead of resorting to disturbances in the House.

They will increase their efficacy and simplify their job by employing digital technologies for this, he noted.

In reference to the current situation, Birla said that for the country’s development, outdated laws must be replaced with new ones.

“We will advance toward a developed India with socioeconomic transformation in the lives of the people by making the necessary changes to the laws, with a transparent and accountable governance system,” Birla stated.

Participating in the meeting were the presiding officers of 23 states and union territories. Rajasthani MPs and MLAs also attended the event.