The EC has denied the Telangana government’s request to continue funding the Rythu Bandhu initiative

The Telangana government was granted permission by the Election Commission to disburse financial aid to farmers for rabi crops under the Rythu Bandhu Scheme on Monday. However, the Commission withdrew this permission in a stern message after a state minister publicly announced that the state had violated the model the ec has denied the telangana governments request to continue funding the rythu

The state administration received approval from the poll panel to pay the rabi payment under specified guidelines during the model code of conduct period.

One of the conditions was that the state not disclose the amount disbursed during the poll code.

Election day in Telangana is November 30.

The Commission has noted that T Harish Rao, the Telangana government’s minister of finance, health, and family welfare, has not only disregarded the MCC’s (model code of conduct) rules, but The EC letter to the state chief electoral officer (CEO) said, “But also conditions laid down as above by publicising the release under the scheme, and thereby disturbed the level playing field in the ongoing election process.”

The state chief electoral officer was notified by the EC of its intention to revoke its authorization.

Regarding the distribution of rabi instalment payouts, the state finance minister had issued a public statement.

“Monday is the scheduled day for the disbursement,” he allegedly said. The money will be deposited to the farmers’ account even before they finish their tea and breakfast.

“According to the letter dated November 25, 2023, the Commission has instructed that the authorization for the payment of rabi season installments under the current Rythu Bandhu scheme during the validity of MCC be revoked immediately. Until the Model Code of Conduct in the State of Telangana is no longer applicable in any way, no payments will be made under the Scheme,” the letter stated.

The CEO was instructed by the poll panel to inform the state government of its choices “and to take and submit to the Commission a compliance report by Monday at 3 p.m.”

The EC noted that the “no objection” was accepted on the grounds that the plan is an ongoing one and that rabi installments have been paid out between October and January for the previous five years.

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