The largest workstation in the world, “Surat Diamond Bourse,” will be opened by PM Modi

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the “Surat Diamond Bourse,” which is said to be the biggest corporate office center in the world.

The Surat Diamond Bourse exhibits the vitality and expansion of the Surat diamond market. It also demonstrates the spirit of entrepreneurship in India. The prime minister had said in an X post in July that it will act as a focus for commerce, innovation, and cooperation, further strengthening our economy and generating job prospects.

On his arrival at the Surat airport the same day, the PM will also officially open the recently renovated terminal building, according to authorities who spoke with news agency PTI.

This is all we know about this structure, which is even bigger than the US Pentagon.

1. Situated in Khajod village, close to Surat city, is the SDB building, the biggest office complex in the world with over 67 lakh square feet of floor space.

2. The ₹3400 crore Surat Diamond Bourse was constructed on 35.54 acres of land. It will develop into a major hub for the trade of polished and raw diamonds worldwide.

3. With over 4,500 networked offices, it is the biggest interconnected building in the world. The office structure is the biggest customs clearing house in the nation, even bigger than the Pentagon.

4. 4,200 merchants from 175 countries may be accommodated at the Surat Diamond Bourse when they go to Surat to purchase polished diamonds.

5. The trading facility would create jobs for over 1.5 lakh people as it will provide international diamond buyers a platform to sell in Surat.

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