The MTech in Energy Transition Program at the Abu Dhabi Campus has been announced by IIT Delhi

The deadline for applications to the M.Tech in Energy Transition and Sustainability programme at IIT Delhi’s Abu Dhabi campus is November 27, the university announced on the mtech in energy transition program at the abu dhabi campus has been announced 1 1

It stated that the proposed master’s program, which would begin in January 2024, would provide a thorough and multifaceted understanding of technology, public policy, and environmental sustainability issues in the energy sector, thereby preparing professionals and scholars in these and related fields.

As per IIT Delhi’s strict academic requirements, potential applicants would need to go through a rigorous screening procedure.

In collaboration with ADNOC, the IIT and the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) have announced a scholarship for students choosing to enrol in the program’s first Master’s in Energy Transition and Sustainability at the soon-to-open Abu Dhabi campus.

It said that a solid foundation in energy-related technology and policy would be provided by the master’s program. Additionally, it will enable applicants to focus on “Economics, Policy, and Planning for Energy Transition” and “Technologies for Decarbonization.”

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