The new Delhi-Dehradun expressway will open in part by June and cut travel times in half

A portion of the Delhi-Dehradun highway is expected to open. By the end of June, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) anticipates that the first section of this 210-kilometer route will be operational.

According to HT Auto, this greenfield access-controlled expressway would connect Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, and Akshardham Temple in Delhi. Its first phase will span a distance of around 32 kilometers.

The project was initially scheduled to be finished by March, but delays resulted from Delhi’s pollution-related limitations. But with carriageways and infrastructure completed in around 90–95 percent of Phase 1, NHAI is getting ready for launch.

After the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway is completed, the five hours it now takes to travel between the two cities should only take two and a half hours. The highway was built for around Rs 8,300 crore, and light vehicle traffic is only allowed to go at a speed restriction of 100 kmph.

The project’s first phase consists of two sections that go 31.65 kilometers from Akshardham to Baghpat. This portion contains an elevated 18-kilometer length that begins in Delhi’s Geeta Colony and ends in Mavi village, Uttar Pradesh.

Phase 1 is practically finished, according to NHAI officials; infrastructure and finishing touches like signs are still pending. They anticipate it being operational by the end of June.

In addition, the highway will include Asia’s biggest elevated wildlife corridor, measuring 12 kilometers, which will allow animals to travel freely. There will also be a 340-meter-long Daat Kali tunnel along this line.

The last 20 kilometers of the highway, which is close to Dehradun, are still under construction, even though most of it is almost finished.

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