The number of people killed in the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse has increased to 16 after two remains were recovered from a vehicle

Rescue workers recovered two remains from a vehicle wedged under the Ghatkopar hoarding fall in Mumbai on Thursday, bringing the total number of fatalities in the incident to 16.

Shortly after midnight, the remains of a guy and a female were recovered from the automobile that had been hit under the hoarding in the Chheda Nagar neighborhood.

Manoj Chansoria, 60, and Anita Chansoria, 59, have been identified from their remains, which were discovered in a deteriorated condition.

On Monday night, after strong gusts, the enormous 120-by-120-foot hoarding fell on a gas station.

According to the official, the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse site is the scene of a search and rescue effort.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that rescue crews must exercise extreme caution to prevent fire occurrences since combustible items like gasoline and gas are stored at gas stations.

As the city was struck by dust storms and unseasonal rains on Monday evening, the illegal hoarding that was standing on a plot of land owned by the Government Railway Police (GRP) toppled on a gas pump in the Chheda Nagar district.

In the meanwhile, the BMC has sent notifications to the Western and Central Railway administrations requesting that large hoardings that have been built on their property be removed.

The Mumbai municipal authority stated in a statement on Wednesday night that orders for the removal of hoardings larger than 40 by 40 feet had been sent to the officials of both zonal railways in accordance with Section 30 (2) (V) of the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

“Taking into consideration the geographical position of Mumbai, the coastal region, its weather and wind conditions, the civic body has decided not to permit erection of hoardings larger than 40×40 feet in size,” according to a release.

The municipal authority launched an initiative to remove unsafe and unlawful hoardings from the city after the Ghatkopar catastrophe.

The municipal body asserts that it has launched a campaign to demolish unlawful hoardings “on war footing” and that work on demolishing the last three hoardings on the GRP’s Ghatkopar property has already begun. It said that they were built without the city body’s approval.

Although there are some difficulties during the destruction of the three hoardings because of the strong wind, two of the hoardings will be demolished by Thursday night.

“The three hoardings at Chheda Nagar will be demolished, taking the wind speed into consideration,” according to the BMC.

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