The Reasons Behind Ajit and 9 Other Opposition NCP MLAs’ Shock Visit to Sharad Pawar

Ten of the NCP’s senior leaders unexpectedly showed up to Sharad Pawar’s office on Sunday afternoon on the eve of the opposition summit in Bengaluru and the monsoon session of the Maharashtra legislature, taking everyone by surprise. Ajit Pawar, the deputy chief minister, and Praful Patel, a prominent figure, were among them.

Since the conference took place just a few days after Ajit Pawar announced himself to be the national president of the NCP rather than Sharad Pawar, it raised questions about Maharashtra politics.

Praful Patel spoke to the media shortly after the meeting and said, “We sought his blessings and asked for his direction to keep the party together, but he did not say anything.

“We were completely unaware that this would occur. At Devgiri (Ajit Pawar’s house), all nine ministers and Prafulbhai were present for the meeting. An NCP leader who was present at the house said that they abruptly got up and drove out in three vehicles, leaving their security and personnel behind.

According to sources present at the meeting, the ministers allegedly apologized to Sharad Pawar without giving any explanation for the purported apologies. Pawar, though, stayed mute during the exchange.

“They are afraid now because even polls reveal that Sharad Pawar has the backing of the population. They seek to throw people’s thoughts off balance. This is a last-ditch effort, but it won’t work. Pawar Saaheb was kind to accept to see them, but he remained silent, according to people close to Sharad Pawar. They said that it may possibly be an effort to undermine the unity of the opposition.

The opposition gathering is slated for July 17 and 18 in Bengaluru.

NCP spokesman Clyde Crasto tweeted, “After seeing the overwhelmingly positive response Sharad Pawar Saheb is getting from people in Maharashtra, the Breakaway NCP faction instantly remembered him. The visit today was an unsuccessful effort to demonstrate their continued communication. The irrefutable reality cannot be changed by these aesthetics.

Later, he informed the press, “We are not aware of the contents of the meeting. Everybody meets with Sharad Pawar. The ministers from the Ajit Pawar side are making an effort to portray their continued support for Sharad Pawar while feeling that what they did was wrong and that the public disapproves of it. Now, nothing can be altered. They made a bad decision.

The NCP’s Mahesh Tapase tweeted that the people who knelt in front of Sharad Pawar today are the same ones who told the Election Commission on June 30 that he isn’t the National President, despite the fact that there were no explanations as to why Pawar did not object to meeting the unexpected visitors. Maharashtra will always remember this.

Sharad Pawar made no tweets or statements on the visit.

The Maharashtra Assembly’s monsoon session is scheduled to start on July 17. Even though the Sharad Pawar faction claimed today that they had the backing of 19–20 MLAs, the seating arrangement is still unclear.


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