There are 44 hospitals in Gurugram without a fire NOC

May 30, Gurugram According to a fire department official on Thursday, the majority of hospitals in Gurugram lack the fire No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is a startling breach of safety regulations.

According to Gulshan Kalra, Deputy Director, Technical, Fire Department, Gurugram, all such hospitals received warnings last month stating they had to get the NOC or risk a first information report (FIR) and subsequent legal action.

Approximately one hundred private clinics and hospitals are thought to be in operation in the city at the moment.

The official claims that 44 private hospitals in the city are operating without the required fire safety approval.

Even more startling is the fact that, despite having a fire NOC, the only government hospital in the Sector 10 region does not have high-quality fire equipment placed on its property.

The majority of these institutions have not requested fire safety approval, according to government authorities. Thousands of people are at danger of death when medical facilities function without the NOC.

“Such places are also a threat to the general public since these units are situated in densely populated areas,” according to sources.

Any structure that is 15 meters or taller is required by law to renew its NOC on fire safety annually, however the majority of public buildings do not follow the regulations.

Officials from the fire service claim that changes were made to the Fire Service Act around eight years ago. Hospitals that are higher than 15 meters after this are required to have both trained personnel and fire apparatus. Hospitals with compact structures have to have NOCs as well.

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