There are light-magnitude earthquakes in J&K

May 18: Srinagar On Saturday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 on the Richter scale struck near Jammu and Kashmir.

According to a statement from the local MET office, around 8.35 a.m. today, there was an earthquake with a Richter rating of 3.5.

“Latitude 33.36 degrees north and longitude 76.65 degrees east are the earthquake’s coordinates.”

According to the statement, “the earthquake occurred 10 km inside the earth’s crust, and its epicentre was in the J&K region.”

Recall that in the past, earthquakes have caused devastation in Kashmir.

Over 80,000 people were murdered on both sides of the line of control in J&K on October 8, 2005, when an earthquake with a Richter magnitude of 7.6 occurred.

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