There are no fair games in this election: Kharge

Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the AICC, only discusses a variety of topics with Bansy Kalappa, including electoral connections.

What differences do you think this survey has from the last two elections? You had visited Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Nagpur. What’s the people’s pulse?

There are no fair playing fields. This election is distinct from others because opposition parties are being suppressed, harassed, and interfered with by the government. They are endangering people and depleting their resources. Threats are being made against anyone who support Congress or the INDIA Alliance. They had all of this in prior elections. They are now making below-the-belt personal assaults, even on families. This wasn’t present before.

Once upon a time, even the poorest guy would stand up to the government with courage and conviction. These days, the ED and I-T are triggered whenever we bring up any government error. In my twelve election-watching years, I have never seen a more terrifying electoral strategy. Under criticism, Deve Gowda, the former prime minister, changed his mind about his desire to be born a Muslim in his future life.

What about the underprivileged when a 91-year-old guy modifies his opinions? Deve Gowda has joined the BJP as of today. According to Deve Gowda, who I saw in an interview, only Modi has the right to become prime minister. Nobody is essential, in my opinion. Everyone is being harassed by this administration. As a result, some are joining the BJP. Extremely loyalists to the Constitution are still at war.

There are no fair games in this election: Kharge
Only Congress keeps its word: Mallikarjun Kharge
Congressmen have voiced complaints about judges leaving the bench to enter politics and talk on Godse and Gandhi throughout the last fifty years of politics.

These folks lack maturity. The people in the highest judicial positions, who ought to be calling this out, are giving in. The court need to draw attention to Modiji’s misleading statements, lying, and stifling of the voices of those who are telling the truth. They are aware of our nation’s history, the means by which we attained independence, and the goals of the founding fathers. They are aware of the Constitution and the circumstances behind its drafting; nonetheless, they have allowed themselves to be duped by the BJP.

Regarding PM Modi’s claim that the Congress manifesto is similar to the “Muslim League manifesto,” what are your thoughts?

PM Modi speaks about caste and classifies individuals into “Hindu” and “Muslim” categories. As PM, he had several opportunities to correct errors. There are a lot of problems in society that need to be fixed. He must provide fresh initiatives. Jawaharlal Nehru received guidance from other parties after independence as well. To construct the nation and the Constitution, Nehru enlisted the help of Jan Sangh leader Shama Prasad Mookerjee and other cabinet members, but individuals like Modi cause division. The nation cannot be built by such narrow-minded individuals.

Congress officials claim that under your direction, the SC/STs and other downtrodden groups are uniting in support of the party. What are your thoughts?

There is no freedom of speech or expression under this administration; Congress will protect the impoverished. Poorer areas are thus accompanying us. Our primary goal is to undermine the RSS philosophy. The BJP claims that we are going after Modi. Since they have used the term “Modi” in every programming, we are at a loss for options. He never discusses his party’s ideas or philosophy. He made empty promises of 2 crore employment, Rs 15 lakh in black money per individual, and tripling farmer income. All we can do is accept his name.

Congress leaders accuse the BJP of appropriating the phrase “guarantees” and using it without permission. How do you respond?

The Congress is the source of the phrase “guarantees.” In Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnataka, we launched it. The promises have made many pleased, particularly the young, the ladies, and the impoverished. Modi is a liar and his promises are completely untrue.

There are no fair games in this election: Kharge “BJP-imposed” unemployment is the main problem in the Lok Sabha elections: Congress leader Kharge
You said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a “washing machine” and that it purports to purify every politician who enters their system.

Every party’s future leaders are under danger from these individuals. They take advantage of any openings that present themselves, and if they are not parties to the case, they even make up allegations against them. They’re bringing up cases. These people are accused and threatened by members of the BJP. Election bonds are used to grant corporate contracts.

Electoral bonds are transparent, according to Modi?

Had there been openness, they ought to have revealed these monies right away. It was not necessary for anybody to knock on the Supreme Court’s door. PM Modi encourages wrongdoing.

Rahul Gandhi claims there is no money for campaigning or travel since Congress finances are restricted. In this crucial moment, how are you handling your role as President of the AICC? Do the courts provide any relief?

Funds for the Congress Party were halted. How are we supposed to get our money back if it’s not released? We won’t experience any comfort. We are collecting funds from laborers at the local level. They have even ceased doing it. We had collected Rs 135 crore, but they stopped us.

There are no fair games in this election: Kharge, Karnataka Kharge and the BJP are still at odds, although he is not in the race.

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