This is How Mangaluru’s Miyawaki Forest Project, Which Aims to Plant 2000 Trees, Is A Complete Success

The Mangaluru district’s plan to create a Miyawaki forest has at last materialized. There are several natural plant species in this densely populated area of trees. The goal of this initiative is to improve biodiversity, assist pollinators, and strengthen ecosystems. It was suggested two years ago by Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC)-led biopharmaceutical business, Biocon. Jeeth Milan Roche, an environmentalist, was assigned to manage the project. One lakh seedlings were reportedly planted in the city by him. Now, the seedlings that were planted in 2022 have grown into a verdant forest.

Situated on a 78-cent area of land stretching from the Labor Department entrance to the Padavu bus terminus lies the present Miyawaki Forest. You may get to Nanturu from KPT. This forest is based on the findings of Japanese plant specialist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, who successfully experimented with producing forests in a tiny space. In her honor, a Mangaluru urban forest bears her name. Over two thousand trees are reaching a height of ten to fifteen feet. People wouldn’t be able to enter the forest, however, if the trees continued to grow.

Tree species found nowhere else in the Western Ghats may be found in the Miyawaki Forest. There are several endangered plant species that can be seen here, including wild mango, jackfruit, Hebbalasu, Norekai, Sita Ashoka, Mahogany, Sandalwood, Glutinous, Violet, Honeysuckle, Sampige, wild almond, Punarpuli, Andipunar, wild ginger, Honge, Cherry, Basavanpada, Kadamba, Sorrel, Ashwattha, Banyan, and thorny bamboo. 8,000 liters of water are reportedly splashed on these trees every day by the media. Fertilizer is made from green waste from residences in cities.

Tons of rubbish were cleared from the area prior to the Miyawaki forest’s development. According to Jeeth Milan Roche, the anticipated cost to develop the city’s forest was more than Rs 15 lakh. In May 2022, the seedlings were planted. The existence of urban forests provides individuals with a cool atmosphere when the heat beats down on their heads.

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