This Telangana district’s tribal Ashram schools will use Vedic math

The Bhadradri Kothagudem District of Telangana intends to use innovative teaching methods for its kids. Recent sources state that their curriculum would include Vedic math techniques. The district of Bhadradri Kothagudem failed to get the anticipated results from its class 10 pupils last year. With the goal of improving the results this year, Bhadrachalam ITDA PO Prateek Jain made particular efforts and finished the necessary preparations to implement Vedic math in the tribal ashram schools in the Bhadradri Kothagudem district, taking into account previous experiences. Under the district’s tribal welfare department, this is regarded as an inventive endeavor. If the outcomes are positive, Prateek Jain told that it might be expanded and used in other this telangana districts tribal ashram schools will use vedic math images 27

Additionally, Prateek Jain said that based on the district-wide standards, pupils are confused and fearful of mathematics. He remarked, “It is evident that it has a significant impact on the pass percentage because they are consistently falling behind in the mathematics curriculum on the tenth grade exams.”

Prateek Jain has made extra steps to allay the math anxiousness in light of this circumstance. He is thinking of giving the teaching duties to a school that specializes in the curriculum for mathematics. He has previously met and reviewed the processes with the education department specialists and Professor G Ramanaiah.

According to reports, preparations are underway to introduce this new educational system for pupils in grades 6 through 9 at 50 tribal ashram schools located across the Bhadradri Kothagudem area shortly. Eleven thousand pupils in the district will gain from this.

Students will learn how to do big additions, subtraction, multiplications, and divisions with ease using the Vedic math technique. These duties will be distributed among ten math instructors from the district; each mathematician will be allocated to five schools, where they will work five days a week and teach four periods a day. The tribal pupils will be given an explanation of scientific procedures so they may readily retain the ideas and computation techniques.


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