“Those living in negativity, not ready to shun path of hatred”: Gujarati Prime Minister Modi’s jab at the Congress

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress, claiming that those who are negative are not “ready to leave the path of hatred” when the magnificent Ram Temple is constructed in Ayodhya.

After opening the Valinath Mahadev temple and leading prayers there, Prime Minister Modi made the following statement at a public event in Tarabh, Gujarat’s Mehsana district: “When a grand temple has been constructed at (Lord Ram’s) birthplace, when the entire country is happy with it, the people who live in negativity are not leaving the path of hatred.”

He said that they are the same individuals who cast doubt on Lord Ram’s existence and obstructed the building of his temple.

Additionally, PM Modi said that it is “unfortunate” that there have been “tensions and conflicts between development and heritage for a very long time” in independent India.

He accused the Congress of stoking disputes over holy places such as the shrine at Somnath and casting doubt on the reality of Lord Ram, not to mention hindering the building of his temple in Ayodhya.

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