TN CM Requests Haryana Government Take Strict Action Against Rioters and Return to Normalcy

M K Stalin, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, pleaded with the Haryana government on Thursday to punish the rioters severely and bring about an immediate return to normality.

He also looked for acceptable ways to stop future violent events.

The Chief Minister said, “My heart goes out to the victims and their families who have been inflicted with a great deal of pain and agony by the recent communal violence in Haryana.” He was referring to the clashes between different ethnic groups that broke out in Nuh over an attempt to stop a Vishwa Hindu Parishad procession and spread to Gurugram over the past few days.


“We must never forget that genuine power is found in harmony, peace, and the absence of aggression. Stalin said in a tweet, “We cannot allow hate and division devour us.


He “strongly urged” the Haryana government to take strict action against the rioters without any prejudice, to return things to normal as soon as possible, and to make sure that future occurrences of this kind are successfully avoided.

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