Today, PM Modi will dedicate infrastructure projects in Telangana worth Rs. 6100 crore

On Saturday at Warangal, Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the cornerstone for a number of infrastructure development projects totaling Rs 6100 crore.

“Leaving for Warangal to attend a ceremony where we will formally launch or lay the cornerstone for construction projects worth more than Rs. 6100 crores.

These projects deal with a variety of fields, including railroads and roadways. Before departing for Warangal on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that the Telangana people will profit from them. PM Modi will do puja at the Bhadrakali temple in Warangal at 10.30 am before going to the ceremonies for laying the foundation. In the district, he will also speak at a public gathering.

K Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, is most likely to boycott Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s event.

The Telangana BJP leadership had already announced that PM Modi will be in the state on Saturday, July 8, to take part in a number of official events and a public gathering in Warangal.

“On July 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Telangana to formally open three National Highways. The primary project involves laying the cornerstone for a Warangal waggon manufacturing facility. The BJP administration made a pledge, according to BJP Spokesperson Prakash Reddy.

The foundation stone for the waggon manufacturing facility will be laid by the prime minister. The BJP leader claims that the amount was previously provided in the last budget.

According to Prakash Reddy, this initiative would provide employment for around 3,000 people. He continued by saying that it would undoubtedly accelerate Warangal’s industrial growth.

“The delay in transferring the land and other legal issues caused the project to be delayed. The problems have been rectified, however. The undertaking will be finished quickly. Telangana BJP intends to hold a public event there as part of this, Reddy has said.

According to the BJP spokesman, the purpose of the conference is to present the development and welfare initiatives carried out by the Modi administration.

Reddy had said that PM Modi will attend the public event and convey to the Telangana people the government’s commitment to their development and to fulfilling the bifurcation commitments made during the bifurcation legislation.

“The Prime Minister will also discuss the Telangana policies of the BJP administration. The Prime Minister will continue to visit Telangana and Hyderabad. The open forum will be a huge success, Reddy had predicted.

He will depart from Warangal and go to Bikaner, Rajasthan, where he will dedicate and lay the cornerstone for development projects totaling more than Rs 24,300 crore, according to a previous PMO statement.

The statement went on to say that the PM will dedicate phase-I of the Inter-State Transmission Line for Green Energy Corridor as well as a six-lane portion of the Amritsar to Jamnagar Economic Corridor to the country.
The PM will also lay the cornerstone for the renovation of Bikaner Railway Station, according to the release.

On July 7 and 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and Rajasthan as part of a trip of four states.

All the states will have elections later this year, with the exception of Uttar Pradesh.

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