Tunda is cleared by Tada court in the 1993 bomb case

AJMER/JAIPUR: On Thursday, a designated Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Tada) court in Ajmer cleared Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda (81), who was charged with several counts of 1993 serial train explosions. The court declared that Tunda was acquitted of all charges unless the offense charged is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, Irfan Ahmed (70) and Hamiduddin alias Hameed (44), the two co-accused, were given life sentences by the court of special judge Mahaveer Prasad Gupta under various articles of the Tada Act, the Railway Act, the IPC, and other statutes.

The acquittal will be appealed by CBI to the Supreme Court.
many train explosions occurred nationwide on the first anniversary of the Babri destruction in December 1993, and many First Information Reports (FIRs) were filed for the crimes in various places.

Five of these serial bombings, including ones near the Hyderabad railway station, in Amali, Kota, Rajasthan; Dehsthan, close to Surat, Gujarat; and Kanpur and Lucknow, are on trial at the Ajmer Tada court.
For the five consecutive bombings, 18 people were charged. Of them, a decision rendered on February 2, 2004, found 15 of the defendants guilty. The Ajmer Central Jail is now home to all 15 of the convicted.
With the current ruling, Tunda has been found not guilty in 28 of the 32 terrorist charges that have been brought against him nationwide. A Delhi court is hearing the last four cases.
Tunda was tried in Ajmer court using the first chargesheet submitted on August 24, 1994, since the CBI, which was looking into the 1993 bombings, had not filed a supplemental chargesheet against him in this case. The court noted that “CBI filed no separate chargesheet against accused Syed Abdul Karim.”
Bhawani Singh, the CBI’s special public prosecutor, said, “We will appeal against the acquittal before SC.”

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