Unacademy teacher who was fired claims his comment was misinterpreted and that the firm acted as a result of social media pressure

Karan Sangwan, an instructor who was fired from Unacademy, claims that the company did so as a result of pressure from online trolls who mistook his general call to support educated applicants.

Sangwan said in a video posted on his YouTube channel on Saturday that the general comment was made there and not during his presentation at Unacademy.

“Why was the termination made? You break beneath the weight of a pressure that builds up. You (Unacademy) were unable to handle the pressure. Therefore, under duress, you were forced to do something that you may not have wanted to or wished to…I’m not sure. I’m unable to comment on what your goals were. stated Sangwan.

According to Sangwan, Unacademy took action against him without consulting him first.

Sangwan said, “You directly sent me a termination notice,” and added that Unacademy was trying to cover up the pressure by using the word “code of conduct” without characterizing it as a political statement.

He said that in the termination notification, Unacademy included opinions voiced by a Twitter account as an example.

Sangwan said that “someone else’s views were imposed on me.”

After his video went viral on August 13, he said that trolls “who appeared to be illiterate” threatened to kill him and abused him, calling him anti-national and using other derogatory terms.

Sangwan was in violation of contract, according to Unacademy co-founder Roman Saini, thus the business had to fire him.

In a tweet on the subject, Saini said that Unacademy is a platform for education that is devoted to providing top-notch instruction.

To ensure that our students have access to fair information, we have put in place a stringent Code of Conduct for all of our instructors. Everything we do is centered on our students.

Personal thoughts and perspectives should not be spoken in class since they may inadvertently impact the students. As a result of Karan Sangwan’s violation of the Code of Conduct, we were obliged to split ways with him under the present circumstance,” Saini had said on August 17.

Sangwan said that once he revealed the details of his termination in a chat group that were leaked on social media on August 17, the situation shifted in his favor and that time, thousands of people stood with him.

Many lawmakers questioned Unacademy’s behavior and if his request to elect an educated candidate was incorrect.

Sangwan said that Unacademy failed to highlight a general comment he made on his YouTube channel in which no specific individuals were named.

He said that as word of his termination spread, people rallied behind him, but Unacademy had yet to get in touch with him.

“I said something. While I haven’t claimed any names, you are doing so. Why do you want to do it yourself? He said, “I haven’t stated it.

Without identifying the organization, he also criticized the actions of a news outlet for editing his interview in order to stir up more controversy.