Unhappy people are identified by these habits, are you also a sad soul?

Unhappy people are identified by these habits, are you also a sad soul?

The nature of a man is judged by his habits. In fact, the habits we have will be our nature and there is no doubt that we are identified by our habits only. Some people are very happy while some people are always sad and sad. Unhappy people always like to be alone and isolated, they do not care more than any person in the society. On the other hand, innocent people are more happy and open hearted and such people become successful in life. No one can deny the fact that such people also have friendship with many. Our habits make up our personality. We are what we are because of our habits. Let us know why some people are always unhappy and know what habits identify such unhappy people.

always sad

Some people are always sad. Even though his life is not passing happily, but he still keeps expressing sorrow and is worried about his life. No matter how much happiness there is, such people are never able to make themselves happy. Their attitude is so negative that they always see the bad side, they do not see the good in any work at all. Such people always need the kindness and sympathy of others.

never say thank you

People who always express unnecessarily sad in their life, such people never know how to thank anyone. He only complains about his life. They do not understand the value of the things that life has given them. If you start thanking others for something, you will never lack anything in your life. It is also a way to connect with people in the society. Never thanking anyone is the hallmark of unhappy people.

life is boring

You will often find some people saying that their life is full of sadness and very boring. Such people will never be seen enjoying in any party and do not participate in anyone's happiness. Such people will never think of changing their own habits, but keep trying to make others like themselves.

always in the past

Sad soul type people never forget their past. Such people decide that they never have to move forward in life. They just keep on ruminating about what bad has happened to them in the past. Remembering the bad incident that happened to them in the past, they are always sad and always curse themselves. Such people often spoil their future and present by worrying about the past.

Always think about your benefits

Good people always wish for the happiness of others and are always happy forgetting all the sorrows in life. But those who always think only and only about themselves, they do not see any other in the world other than themselves. This is the biggest hallmark of unhappy people. They just have the stubbornness to fulfill their desires. Even if he has to take any route for that. They like to be with like-minded person. They find everything bad done by others and feel good about everything they do.

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The taste of Chhatri village in the world of cakes, everyone is amazed by the skills of these youths

The taste of Chhatri village in the world of cakes, everyone is amazed by the skills of these youths

Chhatri is a small village in Sehore district located near Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The population here is only 1800, but the youth of this small village has created a buzz in the country. It's a smokiness... of the flavors that permeate the different types of cakes. Actually, the cake made by the youth of this village is being liked all over the country. The youth here work in bakeries in big cities of many states of the country including Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Indore and Bhopal and make great cakes. There are more than 250 such youth of the village, who have this astonishing skill of making and decorating cakes in their hands. Interestingly, through this skill, some youths are making and feeding cakes even in foreign bakeries outside the country. Some youth are so confident in this skill that they have started their own bakery by investing a lot of money. There was a time when most of the youth of this village were unemployed,

The magic of such awakened skills

About 18 years ago in the year 2003, a youth of the village, Omprakash Mewada, went to Indore in connection with employment. There he got a job in a bakery. When Omprakash saw the maestro making a cake there, a flash came in my mind that why can't I make this amazing thing! Omprakash was passionate about becoming a disciple of Ustad and learned to make cakes with full patience, instilling the magic of flavor in it and making it attractive while decorating it. When Omprakash lost his hand, he called some more youth of the village to Indore. Then the process started and one by one many youths of the village became disciples of the cake world and then went on to become masters with hard work. While Omprakash is now working in a famous bakery in Hyderabad, his educated youth are creating the magic of cakes in bakeries in various cities across the country. Irfan, who started a bakery in Berasia, Bhopal, named the shop after his village.

The disciples went beyond the master to France

Omprakash Mewada, who awakened the dream of seeing the world through cake in the eyes of the youth of village Chhatri, works in a bakery in Hyderabad, but his taught disciples are now showing their skills abroad by surpassing even him. Pratap Sisodia in France and Manoj Bairagi is the main cake maker in Kenya's bakery. Both have neither done any hotel management course nor have any special degree related to cooking. Just made a cake with the motto of 'Ekai Sadhe Sab Sadhe...' and it was as if the world had settled for them.

after all what is so special

Javed, a cake-master of the village, who works in a bakery in Indore, explains, “The taste and finishing of a cake or any bakery item is the reason for the attraction. The cake made by the artisans of our village Chhatri is soft as well as different in taste. We create the design of our cakes as per the customer's requirement, using the least amount of cream. The key element of a cake is perfect baking followed by a proper balance of bread and cream. If the cream is too much, then it directly affects the taste of the cake. Every artisan of Chhatri village is expert in making this balance. That's why the umbrella ke chhore has engulfed the cake world.

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