Union Home Minister Amit Shah told the meaning of Swaraj and said – pride in history is necessary

Union Home Minister Amit Shah told the meaning of Swaraj and said – pride in history is necessary
Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah attended the launch and special screening program of Doordarshan's 'Swaraj: India's Freedom Struggle' serial as the chief guest in New Delhi today. Addressing the program, Home Minister Amit Shah said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we are celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of freedom. We are remembering the sacrifices of lakhs of people knowingly or unknowingly in getting freedom. Glorifying the achievements of the country in 75 years. Along with this, they are also taking resolutions for the creation of what will be a great India from the Amrit festival to the centenary and are also expressing the tremendous faith of effort for the accomplishment of the resolution.
Amit Shah said that those who do not take pride in their history can never create a great future. If a great future is to be made, then a sense of pride in our history has to be inculcated in the younger generation. The Union Home Minister said that no one can stop India from becoming great after the leap India is about to take from here. In this episode, Doordarshan has taken up the work of making 75 episodes of the serial 'Swaraj' under the leadership of Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, this is a very courageous step. He said that only Akashvani and Doordarshan can express the feeling of India.
must be proud of the history
Amit Shah said that Doordarshan and All India Radio have done the work of stirring the country from time to time through various programs, cultivating, channelizing the emotions, and finally collecting the creative power. If the future of the country is to be made great, then the pride in India's great history has to be created in the younger generation.
Told the meaning of the word Swaraj
Amit Shah said that the meaning of the word Swaraj in India is not limited to self-government, but the word Swaraj is to make the whole of India independent and run on its own method. Swaraj includes self-language, self-religion, self-culture, and own arts. Unless we literally paint in the spirit of Swaraj, India cannot achieve Swaraj in the true sense. If in the year of the centenary we cannot save our languages, we cannot pass on the history to the next generation and if we cannot save the culture which has been going on for thousands of years, then will we be able to achieve Swaraj.
the rulers created the myth
During the speech, he said that those who ruled India had destroyed all our excellent systems. They could rule over us only if they created an inferiority complex in our people because we were far ahead of them in every field. India which has given Gita, Vedas, zero, and astronomy to the world, also tried to create a myth about its knowledge. They created an inferiority complex about our languages, culture, our ability to govern.
purpose of overthrowing inferiority complex
Amit Shah said that the purpose of the serial 'Swaraj' should be to uproot every inferiority complex and bring a sense of pride, only then we will be able to fulfill the objectives of Swaraj. This will be the biggest achievement of the Amrit Festival of Independence. The Home Minister said I have full faith that this serial will shake our youth and create pride in their minds about the history of the country and under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, we will move forward with more speed towards the creation of a great India.

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