Use of 'hotline' has happened many times between India-China tension, know how it works

Use of 'hotline' has happened many times between India-China tension, know how it works

Ladakh: The Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh between India and China has been under stress for a long time. In such a situation, it is often read in newspapers that there was talk between the two countries on the 'hotline'. Through the hotline, different levels of military talks were decided between the Indian Army and China's PLA. This does not mean that hotlines are closed in a peaceful environment. 

What is hotline?

The hotline is a means of 'one to one communication' between the soldiers of two countries. It is also called direct line. This is a means of negotiation between the troops of troops deployed along the border of two countries. In this, one phone is directly connected to another phone and there is no exchange between.

According to media reports, India has five hotlines with China. These hotlines are at DBO-TWD and Chushul-Moldo in the western region and in Nathula, Bumla and Kibitu-Damai in the eastern region.

Hotline officials are duty bound. There is definitely someone here at all times every day. As soon as the phone of the line is ringed, the soldiers get information that the phone has come from across the border. According to media reports, the two countries agreed on the proposal of a hotline between the Indian Army Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and the Western Theater Command of China, but it has not been established yet. 

When is the hotline used

According to media reports, the hotline on LAC is used in two situations. First- there are serotonal BPMs four times a year. This is twice from India and twice from China. Hotlines are used to invite each other for ceremonial BPM. Second, it is used in emergency. Like we explain it to you with a recent example. Recently a news came out that five people from Arunachal have been kidnapped by Chinese soldiers. A related question was asked by the journalist to Union Minister Kiren Rijiju.

Kiren Rijiju responded to the journalist's question and tweeted that the Indian Army has sent a message to the Chinese Army on the hotline. Their reply is awaited. However, five Indians have been handed back to us by China. Apart from this, many times it has also been seen that Chinese animals enter the Indian border, which is conveyed to China from the hotline. 

Let us know that the message given on the hotline is approved by the Authority beforehand. No officer on duty can give any message from himself. Its full record is kept. If a message comes from the front country, it is received and then the officials are informed about it.