Vaccination Reality Check! There is no shortage of vaccines and testing kits in Mohali, flying flags of social distancing protocol

Vaccination Reality Check! There is no shortage of vaccines and testing kits in Mohali, flying flags of social distancing protocol

Mohali district of Punjab is currently the highest Karona Affected district in Punjab with a positive rate of 19% and a record 630 people have reported positive in the last 24 hours, which is the highest from any district of Punjab. The big thing is that Mohali is also the assembly constituency of Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu, in such a situation, on TV9 India, we have done a reality check to take stock of the preparations like Karona Vaccination and RT-PCR Testing in the Health Minister's Assembly constituency. Made up my mind

We came to know that the Health Minister himself is going to different districts of Punjab and checking in hospitals, so in his absence, we would like to go to his assembly constituency and visit the hospitals to take stock of the situation of RT-PCR testing and vaccination Make.

People are not taking care of social distancing

In order to find out what is the situation of RT-PCR testing and vaccination among the cases of increasing Karona in Mohali, we reached Phase 6, Mohali's largest civil hospital, where we saw a long period of time to give samples for Karona testing. There are queues and people are waiting for their turn. However, one thing came to light here that there is no shortage of RT-PCR testing or antigen testing in any way and the work of continuous sampling is going on.

One surprising thing was that the people who are coming to give samples for Karona Testing did not have any kind of social distancing. Some of these were potentially Karona positive patients, while some were those who have come for testing after symptoms were found. But these people were not following the social distancing protocol in any way.

'No shortage of RT-PCR testing kit'

After this we met Dr. HS Cheema, SMO of Mohali Phase 6 Civil Hospital. Dr. Cheema said that corona testing and vaccination is being continuously increased in Mohali district and the government is neither short of vaccines nor kits for RT-PCR testing. But until the people do not follow the social distancing protocol, then all these arrangements of the government are of no use. Giving the example of his own hospital, Dr. Cheema said that the people who come to his hospital to get Karona tested, do not follow the social distancing protocol at all.

However, in Mohali and all over Punjab, the government has made a good effort that Mission Fateh which is being run against Karona, in which every person who comes Karona positive, is given a mission Fateh kit from the hospital, which contains medicines, masks, sanitizers, The oximeter and steamer are given free from the government. The government also claims that there is no shortage in the supply of these kits and if any patient is not able to take these kits, then the facility of sending these kits to his home should be given by the government. Has been

'Vaccination is being done in 11 places in Mohali'

After this we came to the Karona Vaccination Center in Mohali Phase 6 to take stock of the drive of Karona Vaccination. Where a crowd of people appeared to get the vaccine installed. Dr. Bubble, in charge of the vaccination center, said he has a full staff of vaccination and continues to have vaccinations at 11 different locations in Mohali, including some mobile vaccination centers and as soon as they have a lack of vaccination They ask the district headquarters to send more vaccines. So far no problems are being revealed. People present at the vaccination center also admitted that they are not facing any problem to get the vaccine installed.

Overall, the arrangements made for vaccination and RT-PCR testing by the government in Mohali in the reality check of TV9 India, were seen properly. However, we cannot fight Karona only on the basis of these arrangements of the government and the general public will also have to support the government and strictly follow the social distancing protocol to deal with the growing cases of taxation in Mohali. Only then, the graph of continuous growth in Mohali will be stopped.

Reduction in corona cases in Mumbai, cases reduced due to better management of oxygen supply

Reduction in corona cases in Mumbai, cases reduced due to better management of oxygen supply

In the midst of Corona's outcry, Mumbai has done such a miracle that it is being praised. The reason is that there are new cases getting reduced rapidly. Within a week, Corona's cases have decreased from 33 thousand seventy five to 10 thousand 736. It is being told that this happened due to better management of oxygen supply.

Mumbai is being praised at a time when the figures in other cities are constantly getting scary, has BMC already realized that there is going to be a great need for oxygen in the future and that is why all the big Kovid hospitals have oxygen The supply had already been arranged. Was this the reason why large capacity oxygen tanks were built in the hospitals itself and whether 6 co-ordination officers were appointed among the 24 departments for regular oxygen supply in the hospitals which have oxygen beds.

Not only this, oxygen plants were installed on PSA technology at Kasturba Hospital and HBT Trauma Center for oxygen supply to every needy. Apart from this, the work of setting up 45 metric ton PSA technical oxygen plants at 12 other places in the city is going on in these days. Mumbai is currently getting up to 235 Metric Oxygen per day from different companies. The commissioner of BMC, Iqbal Singh Chahal, who is being discussed all around, was given this responsibility when Dharavi's condition was serious, where he was successful in bringing the corona case to zero.

BMC has formed a separate team, which keeps the data of the entire journey of oxygen supply. That is, from the supply to the hospital, it monitors whether the oxygen reaches or not. If there is a disturbance in the middle, it is the job of this team to fix it and save all these data on Google Drive. Apart from this, BMC's decision to conduct a sero survey at different times also proved beneficial.

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