Vijay Sampla deletes “Modi ka parivar” from his “X” account and may leave the BJP

Leaders of the party and employees are pleased that an inside candidate was selected rather than a candidate from outside the party. However, many connected to the late Union Minister Vijay Sampla are upset.

“He was initially ousted from his position as the National SC Commission Chairperson. His ticket has now been refused. This is a serious injustice, according to a leader who knows him well.

He expressed his frustration as well, stating, “God opens multiple doors while one is closed. He must have decided on a different course for me. I am appreciative to everyone who has helped me.

He deleted the phrase “Modi ka parivar” from his “X” account later that night. Those close to him stated that he had no more hope for his political future in the BJP and may join another party. Like many other BJP politicians, he had run in the Phagwara Assembly election in 2022 and lost his security deposit.

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