VK Pandian claims that CM Naveen Patnaik would sign the law pertaining to electricity subsidies as soon as he takes office

BJD leader VK Pandian said here on Tuesday that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s first action after taking the oath of office for a sixth straight term on June 9 would be to sign the file for giving free electricity to individuals consuming up to 100 units.


While on a quick visit of Assembly seats in the Cuttack parliamentary district, Pandian attacked the BJP, claiming that the party is displaying “lanthan” (lantern) to the people of Odisha by promising to charge Rs 50,000 for solar energy. He said, “They were taken aback upon discovering BJD’s electricity subsidy program.”

The main electoral strategist for BJD said that opposition party leaders, particularly those from the BJP, only visit Odisha during election season in order to court supporters with false promises. “If they are elected to power, they would terminate several popular welfare projects like KALIA, Mission Shakti, BSKY, and LAccMI initiated by Naveen Babu,” said Pandian, encouraging BJD members to fight even more to secure the party’s candidates’ victories.

Speaking at a conference in Tigiria, Pandian said that 43,000 farmers in Athagarh and Tigiria are benefiting from the KALIA yojana. According to Pandian, the textile park in Choudwar would house one of the biggest textile enterprises globally. He made this claim while speaking to a public gathering at Potapokhari in the Choudwar-Cuttack Assembly region. It would provide many young people without work jobs.

During a tour in Cuttack, the 5T chairman also spoke to people at six different locations: Manisahu Chhak, Buxi Bazaar, Gauri Shankar Park, Chandini Chowk, Kanika Chhak, and Baula Chhak. He outlined the state government’s development initiatives, including as the rehabilitation and extension of the Taladanda canal and road, the development of the Cuttack Netaji Bus Terminal, the revitalization of the SCB Medical College and Hospital, and urban haat.

Santrupt Misra, the candidate for Cuttack MP, attended the meetings in Khandapada, Athagarh, Banki, Badamba, Cuttack Sadar, Choudwar-Cuttack, and Barabati-Cuttack Assembly seats in addition to the corresponding Assembly candidates.

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