Voters in Himachal Pradesh will give the BJP a lesson in their attempt to overthrow the government, according to Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu

After the Congress lost the Rajya Sabha elections earlier this year, there was a mutiny inside the party, but Himachal Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu is certain that the state’s people will hold the BJP accountable for its botched “Operation Lotus” attempt to topple a democratically elected government.

In an exclusive interview with The Tribune, Sukhu states, “The electorate will determine the outcome of this fight between ‘janbal and dhanbal’ as people have witnessed the BJP’s orchestrated political drama wherein six Congress and three Independent MLAs were confined to hotel rooms under CRPF security for one month to bring down our elected government.”

Sukhu adds that in order to strengthen the Congress regime against any further BJP assault, it is essential that the six party candidates win the six Assembly byelections. The party is attempting to seize all four Lok Sabha seats that the BJP won in 2019. He exudes confidence in his ability to win all six seats and is certain that the CM factor will work to his advantage, particularly in the Hamripur parliamentary constituency.

He claims, “We managed to generate Rs 22,000 crore in revenue, which has been spent on ensuring welfare of weaker sections, women, youth, employees, farmers, and daily wagers, despite facing financial constraints and the havoc wreaked by rains.” The purpose of the Congress’ formation of the government was “vyavastha parivartan,” or systemic transformation, in which the average person has a voice, not power.

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