Wazirabad Police Training Center in Delhi Experiences a Massive Fire (Watch Video)

On Thursday, May 30, a large fire started at the Wazirabad police training center in Delhi. There were 10 fire fighters on the scene. The Sonia Vihar police station’s training center is where the fire broke out, according to a report from the news agency ANI. As of now, there are no reports of deaths or injuries.


Over a dozen cars were reportedly completely destroyed by fire at the Wazirabad Police Training Centre in Delhi. We anticipate further information.

According to Delhi Fire Service (DFS) official Atul Garg, a call of a massive fire at malkhana at the Police Training Centre at Wazirabad in north Delhi was received on Thursday at about 2.38 pm.

Ten individuals were sent to the scene as soon as they heard about the fire, and efforts are still on to put it out. No injuries have been recorded as of yet, according to Garg.

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