West Bengal BJP: After Durga Puja, there will be a big change in BJP in Bengal, there will be a reshuffle in the organization

West Bengal BJP: After Durga Puja, there will be a big change in BJP in Bengal, there will be a reshuffle in the organization

West MP Bengal 41-year-old sukant Majumdar ( Sukant Majumdar 's) President (Bengal BJP Bengal BJP President after making) are now showing signs of a major overhaul of the organization after the Durga Puja. In this reshuffle, new faces of the younger generation will be included in it. Tell that after the defeat in the assembly elections BJP Dilip Ghosh ( Dilip Ghosh ) has been removed from the presidency made him a national vice president. At the same time, the BJP is reviewing the defeat after the elections and is trying to stop the stampede in the BJP.

Young Sukanta Majumdar, who has been entrusted with a big responsibility, is close to the RSS. However, there was little experience in handling political and organizational problems before becoming the state president. In such a situation, he will not only have to strike a balance between newcomers and trusted BJP workers, but he will also have to stop the exodus in the party. After the exit of Babul Supriyo, Trinamool has already claimed that more leaders may follow him.

Priority will be given to new and young leadership

Secondly, Sukant Majumdar, a former professor of Gour Banga University, has not gone out much from Dakshin Dinajpur, but after becoming the state president, he will have to know the topography and social structure of all 24 districts of West Bengal in a short time and there he has to depend on some trusted people. Will have to stay Majumdar, who owes his allegiance to the RSS, would certainly prefer to depend on his region and parent organization. Majumdar has already said that there were some problems in the election strategy that led to his defeat and indicated that he would give priority to a new and young leadership in the party.

Efforts are being made to increase synergy between new and old leaders

Party sources indicated that people from the RSS like Debojit Sarkar, Tushar Ghosh, Debashree Choudhary and Debtanu Bhattacharya may get new responsibilities in the party. There are also indications that apart from Jyotirmoy Singh Mahto – all the other four general secretaries from North Bengal are likely to be replaced. There is a possibility of a huge change not only in the state leadership but also in the district leadership. Altogether there are 39 organizational districts headed by a District President. Sources said that after the posts of general secretaries, the posts of party youth wing, farmers' wing, women's wing and minority wing's branch organizations are extremely important. In this reshuffle, new faces of the younger generation will be included in it.

Changes will happen on the instructions of the central leadership

All changes will be in accordance with the constitutional provisions. A new committee will be formed as per the advice of our central leadership. The final decision on the changes will be taken by the central leadership of the party. Sources further said that North Bengal will get special preference in the new and changed organizational structure. In the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections, the BJP's performance was far better than other parts of the state. A senior BJP leader said the new committee would be a combination of the energy of the youth and the experience of veterans. It will be interesting to see how Majumdar interacts with Shubhendu Adhikari, who has a vast political, organizational and administrative experience.

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If oil prices do not come down, the pace of economic recovery will decrease: Hardeep Singh Puri

If oil prices do not come down, the pace of economic recovery will decrease: Hardeep Singh Puri

 India on Wednesday warned the world that if oil prices continue to remain high, the recovery in the global economy may be affected. At the same time, it urged Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries to take steps to reduce prices and ensure supply. Let us tell you that the prices of petrol and diesel in the country have reached an all-time high. Addressing CeraWeek's India Energy Forum, Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that if fuel prices do not come down, the pace of recovery in the world economy will slow down.

In April last year, during the Corona epidemic, the prices of crude oil in the international market came down to $ 19 per barrel due to the decrease in demand due to the lockdown imposed in most countries of the world. Although the demand for oil increased this year due to rapid vaccination happening all over the world, then crude oil climbed to $ 84 per barrel. Puri said that due to the cost of fuel, there is a possibility of rising inflation. He said the country's oil import bill was $8.8 billion in the June 2020 quarter, which has increased to $24 billion this year. The only reason this happens is because of the cost of oil.

The Petroleum Minister said that the government believes that the availability of fuel should not only be continuous but it should also be affordable. The economic recovery has weakened after the devastating pandemic and is further threatened by high oil prices. India imports about two-thirds of its oil requirement from countries in West Asia. Therefore, it has urged OPEC countries that higher oil prices will lead to a rapid move towards alternative fuels, and in such a situation, these high prices will prove to be harmful for the producers only. Puri said he had raised the issue in the recent meetings with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, the US, Russia and Bahrain.

Petrol and diesel prices hiked again

Two days later, on Wednesday, once again the prices of petrol and diesel were increased by 35 paise per liter. Thus fuel prices have reached an all-time high across the country. After the increase in prices, the price of petrol has reached a record level of Rs 106.19 per liter in Delhi and Rs 112.11 per liter in Mumbai. Whereas in Mumbai, diesel is getting Rs 102.89 per liter. Whereas in the national capital it costs Rs 94.92 per liter. After the increase of 35 paise per liter in vehicle fuel for four consecutive days, their price was not increased on Monday and Tuesday.

After the increase in prices on Wednesday, the price of petrol in all state capitals has gone up to Rs 100 per liter or more. While diesel has touched the level of hundreds in more than a dozen states. In Goa's capital Panaji and Jharkhand's capital Ranchi also, diesel crossed the Rs 100 per liter mark. The costliest fuel is in the border town of Ganganagar in Rajasthan where petrol is available at Rs 118.23 per liter and diesel at Rs 109.04 per litre. For the first time in the international market, the price of crude oil reached $ 84.43 per barrel on Wednesday. It was priced at $73.92 a barrel a month ago.

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