What the US Said About Rajnath Singh’s “Ghar Me Ghus Ke Marenge” Remark Regarding PM Modi

The comments made about terrorists by Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have prompted a response from the US. The Prime Minister had said at an election rally that “Modi ne iccha poori ki (Modi fulfilled their wish)” and that people wanted India to kill terrorists within its borders. The Minister of Defence had earlier said that “India will eliminate terrorists inside their homes” if they attempted to attack India and flee to Pakistan.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the administration of President Joe Biden would not become involved in the situation. Miller responded to a question about whether Modi and Singh’s statements could be interpreted as a confession regarding the purported killings in Pakistan, plot to kill designated terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu in New York, and the assassination of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada.

The State Department official was cited by the outlet as stating, “The United States is not going to get into the middle of this, but we do encourage both India and Pakistan to avoid escalation and find a resolution through dialogue.”

Miller said, “I am never going to preview any sanctions actions, which is not to say that there are coming,” to the question of why the US is not contemplating imposing any penalties on India over these concerns. However, we don’t have open discussions on penalties when you want me to speak about them.”

Notably, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has declared that the government is determined to combat cross-border terrorism. He further stated that terrorists will face strong consequences if they attempt to disrupt Indian peace or carry out terror-related activities, and that if they flee to Pakistan, “India will enter inside their homes to kill them.”

He made this statement in response to a query on a story published in the British daily “The Guardian” that said that Indian intelligence services have murdered terrorists in Pakistan as part of their aggressive strategy for maintaining national security after 2019.