When Congress’s financial accounts were stopped, the EC said nothing: Pilot Sachin

On Tuesday, Congress leader Sachin Pilot, a well-known campaigner, came to this region to criticize the Election Commission (EC) for “remaining silent” when elected chief ministers were jailed and the major opposition party’s finances were blocked.

Pilot, who was supporting his party’s nominee for the Lok Sabha seat of Udhampur, Choudhary Lal Singh, said that the BJP administration was using “religious politics to divert attention from its failures” in terms of development.

“The Election Commission is observing silently. We had to go to the Supreme Court in relation to the Chandigarh mayoral elections in order to get justice, and we succeeded. Pilot said during a gathering, “They sought to silence the opposition, freeze the Congress’s funds, and imprison elected chief ministers.

He denounced the BJP leaders, adding, “They centre their politics around issues like mandir-masjid, Hindu-Muslim, Hindustan and Pakistan,” for allegedly manipulating religion for political advantage. They don’t seem to care much about problems pertaining to women, youngsters, farmers, schools, colleges, hospitals, the economy, jobs, or inflation, however.

According to Pilot, the whole nation is experiencing a tsunami of upheaval. “I visited Punjab, Harayan, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. I would want to inform you that the information being spread by the media and social media is untrue. In actuality, however, the public is beginning to doubt the BJP government’s ten-year reign. People are looking for a report card detailing the BJP government’s ten years in office, he added.

Pilot highlighted five key promises in the Congress platform, one of which was a pledge to provide women from low-income households with a yearly sum of Rs 1 lakh in their accounts. “Outsiders are intruding on property under the Lieutenant Governor’s administration. He said, “Land that is being farmed is being taken from the people and given to outsiders.”

“I want to tell you that elections in J&K will be held before September this year,” he stated, taking aim at the BJP leaders for their comments about the Assembly elections in the state. The Supreme Court’s ruling is what matters, not what the administration says. Pilot said that the Supreme Court’s ruling was followed by the construction of the Ram temple.

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