Why an Emirates plane flies for 13 hours before landing where it took off

Why an Emirates plane flies for 13 hours before landing where it took off

After a 13-hour flight, passengers on an Emirates airline allegedly touched down on Friday exactly where they had taken off, in an odd episode.

Business Insider reports that Flight EK448 departed Dubai at roughly 10:30 am on Friday but had to return after traveling over 4,000 miles in 13 hours. The airplane was headed towards Auckland, whose domestic and international terminals had been closed due to severe weather.

The Emirates flight was among many that experienced delays, prompting action from Auckland airport authorities. "Auckland Airport has concluded that no international flights can operate today due to damage to our international terminal," the statement reads. The safety of the passengers is our main concern, and we realize how annoying this is," the Auckland Airport said on Twitter.

The domestic and international terminals will reopen on Sunday, according to airport authorities. According to reports, the Emirates aircraft is expected to try again to reach Auckland on Sunday.

In Auckland, the capital of New Zealand, a state of emergency was declared. Flooding and evacuations were caused by torrential rains in the 1.6 million-person metropolis. The flash floods have claimed the lives of four individuals.

flooded areas The city council for Auckland has forecast further, severe rain over the next days. Since Friday, the city has seen record-breaking rains. In a tweet, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) reported that Auckland has already had 40% of its annual normal rainfall and more than eight times the usual January rainfall.