Wife and 2-year-old child killed by Odisha man who released a snake; ‘Lured by Govt’s 8L Ex-gratia in Similar Cases’

In Ganjam, Odisha, a man was taken into custody on Thursday after it was claimed that he had killed his wife and daughter, age two, by letting a cobra snake into their bedroom.

The event happened on October 7 in the hamlet of Adheibara, which is within the jurisdiction of the Kabisuryanagar police in will prabhas and ranbir kapoor collaborate teases sandeep reddy vanga download 65

The accused, a 25-year-old man named K Ganesh Patra, and his wife, K Basanti Patra, were at odds over their marriage. According to a report, police investigation has shown that it may have been the cause of the occurrence.

According to Ganjam SP Jagmohan Meena, the couple was married in 2020 and subsequently gave birth to a daughter. Meena said, “Basanti had filed a complaint against her husband under The Dowry Prohibition Act due to their marital strife.” The pair had been living together once again for the previous three months before to the occurrence, according to the Ganjam SP.

According to reports, the man intended to murder his wife even after they moved in together. He may have devised this scheme as a result of marital discord and the desire to get Rs 8 lakh in ex-gratia payments for snakebite victims (around Rs 4 lakh apiece), according to a report.

On September 26, Ganesh obtained a SIM card under his father’s name and called many snake charmers in his neighborhood using that number. For his scheme, Ganesh was attempting to get a venomous snake.

Ganesh had said that he need the snake in order to pray at a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, according to the Ganjam SP.

On October 6, a snake charmer known as Basanta Acharya took a cobra from a person’s home and handed it to the defendant in a plastic container.

After returning home, Ganesh concealed the snake somewhere. According to investigations, the accused slept in the front room of the home on the intervening night of October 6 and 7, while his wife and their 2-year-old daughter slept in the middle room.

With the purpose of biting his wife, Ganesh closed the doors to the middle room at about two in the morning and let the cobra inside their chamber.

Early on October 7, when Ganesh caused a ruckus in the neighborhood, his neighbors and Basanti’s father gathered at the location. After that, his wife and daughter were taken to a government hospital nearby and pronounced dead.

According to a police official, postmortem results showed that snake bites were the cause of death for both of them.

Although first indications pointed to a possible snakebite, Basanti’s father’s allegation prompted the authorities to open an inquiry. He said that Ganesh had murdered his daughter.

According to accounts, the snake charmer was the lone witness and was not connected to the case; moreover, he was not aware of Ganesh’s plot to kill him.

Police said, “We are looking into whether we can take any action against him under forest laws.”

In addition, the accused “confessed to the crime,” according to the police, who claimed they apprehended him more than a month after the occurrence “due to the delay in gathering evidence.”


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