Will consider giving the National Investigation Agency the Rameshwaram Café bombing case if necessary: CM Siddaramaiah of Karnataka

Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, said on Sunday that if necessary, the government would think about giving the National Investigation Agency (NIA) control over the Rameshwaram Café explosion investigation.

Regarding the March 1 explosion at the well-known restaurant in Brookefield that resulted in ten injuries, the chief minister said that the Central Crime Branch is looking into the incident.

Siddaramaiah said, “We shall see,” to the BJP’s demand for an NIA investigation. The inquiry has only recently started. So yet, no one has been arrested on suspicion. We’ll watch to see whether an NIA probe is required.

Siddaramaiah retorted to the BJP’s accusation that the city has become “Bomb Bengaluru” rather than “Brand Bengaluru,” asking what term to use given the four bomb explosions that occurred when the BJP was in power. At the time of the Mangaluru cooker explosion, who was in power? In front of the BJP headquarters in Malleswaram, there was an explosion. At that time, who was in charge? IB, NIA, who is in charge? Is it not an issue with them?

“I am not supporting the bomb blast,” he added. While I condemn it, the BJP shouldn’t use it as a political football.

Explosions of bombs are never amusing events. It has always been treated seriously by governments. He said, “Public safety and security are extremely important.”

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